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Welcome to Vista Pointe!

The virtual home of gated-community in Calabasas, CA.


The gated-community of Vista Pointe is located along the transverse ranges that run parallel to and in between the 101 Freeway and Parkway Calabasas Road in the city of Calabasas.

The city of Calabasas lies in the Los Angeles County of California in the western US. It was formally incorporated in 1991 and has a population of 23,123 (2000 census). It was ranked as one of the top 10 places to live nationwide. Calabasas is an affluent newer city that caters to a plethora of lifestyles but it is best known for its luxurious estates, exclusive gated communities and its private country club and golf course.

Vista Pointe residents are bound together by a respect for our community, and our homeowner’s association, who works to keep our community and property safe and welcoming. If you are already a “Vista Pointer,” welcome home!!

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Community News

HOA Board Meeting

You are cordially invited to attend March HOA Board of Directors Meeting.
(Download meeting agenda here.)

(The meeting is held at Sotheby’s Realty—23647 Calabasas Road; across The Commons at the Parkway Calabasas Shopping Center.)

Important Community Reminder:

Stop Sign and Speeding

Many residents have been speeding through the stop sign at the Vista Pointe Exit gate. The posted speed limit as you exit the community is 5 miles per hour.

Please remember to make a full stop at the stop sign each time you exit the community and to drive no more than 5 miles per hour until you have passed the guard house. The community stop signs and posted speed limits are in effect to ensure the safety of all residents in the community.

Reckless driving is dangerous AND will not be tolerated.

Therefore please be advised that the Vista Pointe Security Guards will be aggressively ticketing any resident who fails to make a full stop at the stop sign just prior to the exit gate or exits the community at a speed in excess of 5 miles per hour.

We urge drivers to make a full stop at all stop signs throughout the community as tickets will be issued to ALL violators. Your cooperation in keeping our community safe is greatly appreciated.

Thank You! Your Board of Directors

Additional Coyote information

Coyotes are capable of scaling fences up to six feet high. They will also dig under fences. They can be deterred by solid fence with no visibility to inside, increasing the height of fencing and facing it outward at a 45 degree angle. Bury the bottom of the fence at least six to twelve inches underground to prevent the coyote from digging underneath. A covered enclosure set up with a pet door will permit your pet to go safely outdoors.

Coyotes in our Midst

Everyone enjoys observing wildlife in its natural environment. However, many well-meaning residents of urban hillside and rural areas have promoted an unnatural boldness in coyotes by intentionally or unintentionally feeding them.

Coyotes (Canis Latrans)

Recognize that the coyote is indigenous to Calabasas. We built our city in the coyote’s backyard and the coyote has adapted to this environment. We should adapt to the presence of the coyote. There are precautions residents should take to mitigate unwanted interactions.

Coyote Resources

Calabasas Green

Green Rebates and Incentives for Single-Family homes

The City of Calabasas is committed to securing its long-term sustainability by adopting a new green initiative to improve the quality of the environment, reduce green house gas emissions, use finite natural resources more efficiently, and save you money. The green initiative is aimed at promoting environmentally responsible development, upgrading existing city facilities, and educational outreach.

The City of Calabasas provides links to other World Wide Web resources solely as a public service. The City does not endorse or recommend, and is not responsible for the programs, activities, services, contents or products of any linked Web resource.

Designed/coded by AJ Bahadourian